Monograph & Edited Projects 


African Spirituality in Black Women’s Fiction: Threaded Visions of Memory, Community, Nature and Being.  Lexington Books, 2011.  Paperback edition, 2012. Among titles in "CHOICE e-Collection for African-American Studies,"

NBn Interview:  Reviewed in Michigan Citizen 34.5 (12/11/2011) pA14; CHOICE (Jul 2012); CLAJ 55.2 (December 2011); SAR 76.3 (Fall 2012); Amerikastudien 58.2 (2013).


Editorial Projects

Book Series Co-Editor: Black Diasporic Worlds. Roman & Littlefield Lexington Books


Envisioning Black Feminist Voodoo Aesthetics: African Spirituality in American Cinema. Kameelah Martin. Sept. 2016. 2017 CLA Book Award Winner.


Receptions of the Classics in the African Diaspora of the Hispanophone and Lusophone Worlds: Atlantis Otherwise. Eds. Elisa Rizo and Madeline M Henry. Sept. 2016.


African Modernity and the Philosophy of Culture: The Works of Femi Euba. Iyunolu Osagie. Spring 2017


Jean Price-Mars, Haiti, and Africa: Between Two Worlds. Eds. Celucie Joseph et al. 2018.


Contributing Co-Editor. “Religion and Spirituality” in Routledge Reader of African American Rhetoric: The Longue Dureé of Black Voices (forthcoming). Gen. Eds. Vershawn Young and Michelle Bachelor Robinson.


Co-ed & Introd. Five Decades of CLAJ on Race in Anglocentric Literary Works (Special Issue). CLAJ  57.3 (2014).


Co-ed. & Introd. Literary Expressions of African Spirituality. (Lexington Books 2013).  Paperback edition, 2015. Reviewed in Caribbean Quarterly 63.2-3 (2017); Caribbean Studies 41.2 (July - Dec 2013): 272 - 275; African Studies Quarterly 14.4 (Sept 2014): 102-103.


Co-ed. & Introduction. Caribbean Women Writers in Exile. in Studies in the Literary Imagination  37.2 (Fall 2004).

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